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Pharmacy Brand Developer


Pharmacy Brand Developer

Why Partner with us?

  • Expertise in retail/ hospital pharmacy chain.

  • Timely supplies material at your store.

  • Standard/Local procurement module.

  • online order service 24/7 toll free service

  • Best Purchase rates.

What we do for you?

Full Support from pre-launch to post launch complete hand holding from starting > Be it

  • Store locations, Interior design layout, fitment if carpenter required.
  • Support for applying and procuring drugs license, Staff hiring and training.
  • Software Training and product merchandising.
  • Purchase and sales support and Business training how to get best purchase rate and provide good discounts to customers.
  • Doctor for OPD, Doctor Tie-up, Health Camps activities.
  • Guide the investers from where he can purchase medicine at best price.
  • Help in website development.
  • Help in App development.
  • Loan facility is also available.
  • Support for GST number and GST return.
  • Guide for material with best schemes.
  • Support for Advertising and Marketing to make your own brand domain and same for drugs licence and GST Number.
Area Requirements Total Investment Franchise Fees / Brand Development Fees / Expertise Fees ROI Agreement Period
200 square feet minimum. 7 to 8 Lakh. 2.5 Lakh + GST*. 12 to 15 month. 5 Years.

Master/Brand Partnership available all over INDIA also.

Pharmacy Brand Developer