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Pharmacy Brand Developer
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India's 1st Pharmacy Franchise Who Provide The Doctors For OPD Also.

We Make Your Own Brand.
Be An Enterprenuer.

Establish Your Own Clinic Pharmacy Franchise/Retail Chain of Pharmacy/Standlone Pharmacy.

  • Make Your Complete Pharmacy / Chemist / Eye Clinic / Departmental Store/Pathlab Collection Centre.
  • Make Your Own PCD Pharma Brand of Pharmaceutical Company.
  • We Don't Ask For Any Profit on Margin or Loyalty.
  • Complete Authoriety On Service And Support.
  • Having Footprints Across India Since 2004.

About Us

Pharmacy Brand Developer is a unique concept aimed at disrupting pharmacy franchise industry.

We are industry experts having more than 17+ years of experience in healthcare and pharmacy.

We have developed more than 150 + stores Pan India for several reputed pharmacy brands as third-party consultants over the span. By analysing different business models of different big brands closely, we came to know about the pain areas of investors. Heavy Franchise fee in name of brand support is totally inconsistent with the services and support and its more or less useless. Since 2017 , we have stepped to directly connect with investors and offer our services. Pharmacy Brand Developer is the brainchild of Mr A K Mallick, an industry veteran who aims to bring more and more entrepreneurs to start their own profitable business.

We don’t charge any royalty or profits on margin. We just charge one-time brand development fee and offer our support as per the agreement period.

No need to pay hefty franchise fee to any brand. No need to depend on others.

Make and market your own Brand and not any other brand, do advertising for your own brand.

You will give 12 to 30 Lakh company for franchise which has no use for you.

You will be woking for franchise name not for Yourself Brand Name.

Even after a long time, You have a more sales but can't change name of your store or your Brand. You've to start again from zero in this case.

Instead, We offer comprehensive support, Service and digital marketing tailored specifically for your store.

We provide expertise to help increase sales and insure you get the best purchase rates for medicine, Surgical Equipment, General Items, Ayurvedic, Generic medicine and Cosmetics, enabling you to successfully run.

Our Services

Why Partner with us?

  • Expertise in retail/ hospital pharmacy chain.

  • Timely supplies material at your store.

  • Standard/Local procurement module.

  • Online order service with Supplier 24/7.

  • Best Purchase rates.

What we do for you?

Full Support from pre-launch to post launch complete hand holding from starting > Be it

  • Store locations, Interior design layout, fitment if carpenter required.
  • Support for applying and procuring drugs license, Staff hiring and training.
  • Software Training and product merchandising.
  • Purchase and sales support and Business training how to get best purchase rate and provide good discounts to customers.
  • Doctor for OPD, Doctor Tie-up, Health Camps activities.
  • Guide the investers from where he can purchase medicine at best price.
  • Help in website development.
  • Help in App development.
  • Loan facility is also available.
  • Support for GST number and GST return.
  • Guide for material with best schemes.
  • Support for Advertising and Marketing to make your own brand domain and same for drugs licence and GST Number.

Area Requirements Total Investment Franchise Fees / Brand Development Fees / Expertise Fees ROI Agreement Period
200 square feet minimum. 7 to 8 Lakh. 2.5 Lakh + GST*. 12 to 15 month. 5 Years.

Master/Brand Partnership available all over INDIA also.


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. What are the Benefits of Pharmacy Brand Developer Franchise??

Pharmacy Brand Developer is providing business opportunities to start a new business also giving opportunities to the long existing medical stores to get the brand value and all segments of Medicines as well. Pharmacy Brand Developer is giving identity to the old medical stores and making it easy for them who are dealing with huge competition and online Pharmacy in the Market. Earlier these medical stores were earning 5-10% profit margins but now they can earn 40% profit margins from Pharmacy Brand Developer' Franchise Outlets.

  • Fastest Growing Pharma Company.

  • Retail Franchise in all major cities.

  • We don't ask for any profit on margin and loyalty.

  • Support for Advertising and Marketing to make your own brand domain and same for drugs licence and GST Number.

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Our Mega Events

Best Pharmacy franchise Award 2023,Received by Dr,Ashish Agrawal sir at GPBS 2024,RAJKOT, GUJRAT

Best Pharmacy/Healthcare Business franchise Provider Award winning trophies.

Grand opening of S K PHARMACY AT ALIGARH.



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